5-Fly Review – Incubation: Green Fields book 1 by Adrienne Lecter


  I’m in love!  Although it’s was no secret to me that I enjoyed zombie books, after reading Incubation, the first book in the Green Fields series by Adrienne Lecter, I’ve become an even bigger fan.  As a matter of fact, I’d venture to say that not only are zombie books becoming one of my favorite genres, but this book… Read more »

Review – Who We Were Before by Leah Mercer


  Who We Were Before is a gripping tale, listed under women’s fiction. The two main characters are Zoe and her husband Edward, who live in a small village outside of London. Their story takes place during a weekend trip to Paris two years after the loss their first and only child, their two-year-old son Milo. The story is told… Read more »

Review – Catalyst Moon: Incursion (Volume 1) by Lauren L. Garcia


The county of Aredia doesn’t handle magic very well. As a result, mages are enslaved and imprisoned for their powers. When the transfer of a mage named Kali goes haywire due to strange, demon-like bandits, both she and her guard, Stonewell, will have to learn how to trust each other if they want to get to the city of Whitewater… Read more »

Review – The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen


  The Things We Wish Were True is listed under psychological, women’s fiction. Personally, I would classify it as an adult romance with a little psychological mystery thrown in. That’s because the author spent much more time developing the romantic interests of the characters than she did the mystery, casually embedded in the plot. The story finds Jancey, and her two… Read more »

Review – Branded (A Sinners Series) by Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki


Branded most certainly had an interesting dystopian concept that initially caught my attention with the branding of the “sinners” for committing one of the 7 Deadly Sins. However, the plot was lacking even by the middle of the book. I was still not sure where it was headed which, although negative in some regards, added an element of suspense that kept me reading…. Read more »

Review – Vavaun (The Shadow of the Revenaunt Book 4) by Paul E. Horsman


With the Kingdom of Zihaen at peace, Uwella and Damion return to their own land, Vavaun, to unite their divided houses and save their home from the Dar’khmorth. With evil sorcerers terrorizing the land and only two teenaged fire warriors aiding them in their efforts, the two will have an uphill battle, even with their abilities to turn into fierce… Read more »

5-Fly Review – Some Rise by Sin by Courtney J. Hall

some rise in sin

  Some Rise by Sin is an outstanding historical romance novel that takes us back to 16th century England. Back to the days of Lords and Ladies, and a Queen that history seldom mentions. (Actually, it’s still the day of Lords and Ladies but, I needed an opening for my review.) The Lord, in this case, is Cade, the Earl… Read more »

5-Fly Review – Mutation by Nerys Wheatley


Mutation is an exciting, action-packed, zombie-filled thrill ride with something for undead fans and non-fans alike. Alex MacCallum thought life had gone back to normal. Sure, he’s stigmatized like everyone else who recovered from the zombie virus, but at least no one’s munching on other humans anymore. That is until a new strain surfaces, turning its victims into monsters faster… Read more »

Review – Just Roll With It by Niki Hager

just roll with it

  Just Roll With It is a cute romance story about the up’s and down’s of Rigbee’s life: before and after she meets Roman. Ah yes, Roman with his good looks and bad boy image. The one who should send her into the biggest panic attack she’s ever had. Instead, he has the exact opposite effect on her. Suddenly Rigbee finds… Read more »

Review – Twice Born by Marina Finlayson


Twiceborn is everything I wish adult fantasy was. The protagonist is a believable adult, the action is exciting, every scene and interaction either moves the story forward or builds character, and the plot had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Kate O’Connor is merely going through the motions of living. Now that her son has passed… Read more »

Review for Book Blog Tour of Dead Girls Don’t Cry:The Undead Space Odyssey Initiative by Casey Wyatt

dead girls don't cry

As someone who reads a plethora of genres in my everyday book dealings, I’m accustomed from time to time of two main genres intermingling; however, Dead Girls Don’t Cry by Casey Wyatt spun me for a loop. It was a cross between urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and sci-fi. Unbelievable! And although there were moments that I wanted to walk away,… Read more »

Book Review – Nighthawks at the Mission by Forbes West


  Nighthawks at the Mission is listed under dark fantasy: And dark it truly is. Dark in the sense that if killing, drinking, betraying friends, doing drugs, stealing, blowing things up and not caring much about anything excites you than, this is your book. Once again I find myself in total disagreement with other reviewers over a fantasy book. And,… Read more »

Book Review – Ben Brown’s Flying Machine by Michael Thorp

ben brown

  Ben Brown’s story is one of rebuilding a life.  His father passed away leaving Ben and his mother trying to raise enough money to save their farm. The spacecraft, Endeavor, crash landed on their farm.    An old man gets out and confronts Ben. When NASA tracks the spacecraft to Ben’s farm the old man is no longer around.  No… Read more »

Book Review – Certain Hypothetical by James Litherland

certain hypothetical

Certain Hypothetical by James Litherland is the kind of book you read if you’re looking to get totally immersed in a new world. The coolest thing about this novel is it’s exactly that– a totally new world, something we’re not familiar with at all– but at the same time, it’s something totally familiar.  David and Kat live in a closed-in… Read more »

Book Review – The Axe and the Throne (Bounds of Redemption: Book 1) by M.D Ireman


“The Axe and the Throne” is a gritty thrill ride across a realm that puts the “Epic” in “Epic Fantasy.” Its characters are complex and compelling and the world building is thorough (even if it’s not the most original), but the way the story is told makes it hard to get invested in either of those elements. Tallos travels north… Read more »