Book Review – Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy Star

  Sisters One, Two, Three is a Contemporary Fiction story about (obviously) three sisters and their family. It’s not often that I don’t finish a book but, this is one of them. Because of that, I added a half star to what would have been a two-and-a-half-star rating, assuming if I had finished it, it would have gotten better. I… Read more »

Book Review – Struck by Clarissa Johal

  Struck is listed under horror, dark fantasy but I think paranormal fantasy might be a better description since it’s not terribly dark. The stories main character is Gwen, who during a storm, is struck by lightning. She survives the strike and remembers very little about it until she’s visited by Julian: A ghostly vestige of the devil (?) who… Read more »

Book Review – Bad Bloods by Shannon A. Thompson

Bad Bloods is a solid work of dystopian YA that will delight any fan of the genre. It also includes an angle that is too often overlooked by other authors in the category. Serena was born a bad blood–a person with strange unique powers. In the city of Vendona, that’s an automatic death sentence. Before Serena can be executed, a prison… Read more »

Book Review – Venom & Vanilla by Shannon Mayer

  Venom & Vanilla is a paranormal urban fantasy and is the first book in the Venom Trilogy. I have to admit that paranormal fantasy is not a genre I normally read and Venom & Vanilla, while well written in some ways, did not change my mind. The basic plot finds Alena, owner of a bakery in Seattle, and many… Read more »

Book Review – Class of ’59 by John Heldt

Mary Beth McIntire just wants a quiet summer in 2017. Mark Ryan wants to know what’s hidden in the basement of the same house in 1959. When Mark discovers a key and a few mysterious crystals, he gets his answer and Mary Beth’s quiet summer is ruined thanks to his appearance. The summer vacation that follows was more than Mary… Read more »

Review – Lightning Flash I, II, III, Polar Opposites, and Notes to Self by Valerie Runyun

  I had the wonderful pleasure of beta reading for Valerie before she published any of her work. Since then, I have read each of her pieces as she’s published them and promised myself I would do a review. But am I really qualified to review her work? I’m not sure I am. But, I know I have to. I… Read more »

Review – The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland by Rebekah Crane

The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland is a fantastic story, loaded with insight and messages. Insight and messages not just for teens but, for everyone. The story centers around four teens from different parts of the United States. Each has their own issues, which is why they have been sent to Camp Padua, in Michigan, a summer camp for at-risk… Read more »

Blitz – #Blur by Cambria Herbert

#Blur Cambria Hebert (GearShark, #4) Publication date: January 10th 2017 Genres: M/M Contemporary Romance Nothing but a #blur… There’s a new kid in town, and he’s hell on wheels. From what we’ve heard, it may be because he knows exactly what hell’s like. Lonely. Scorching. Unforgiving. You may know his brother, the NRR hotshot (and former GearShark cover model) Lorhaven…. Read more »

5-FLY Review – Indiana Belle by John Heldt

This is the second novel of Heldt’s that I’ve read and I’m beginning to think he can do no wrong. His dedication to portraying history in all of its nuances, layers, difficulties, and beauty is admirable and his ability to craft brilliant and unique stories shines across the lines of genre and time alike. When Cameron Coelho began his doctoral… Read more »

Review – Heir to Gold and Ashes by Ashley R. N. Hay

  Heir to Gold and Ashes is a fiction, horror story loaded with all your (or at least my) favorite creatures: Vampires, Witches, Demons, Fae and other monsters. It also borders on a new world fantasy, horror story, with the new world being a Los Angeles that has been taken over by a host of dark creatures. The story captured… Read more »

Book Review – Alpha Male by Joshua Corey Mays

Alpha Male is an interesting thought experiment about the world of superheroes and their actions, but the areas where superhero stories usually shine, the characters and the action, it falls a little flat. Thanks to Alpha Male, the city has grown quiet. As a result, few people see any real need for him and treat him either as a celebrity… Read more »

Book Review – Ladies’ Room by Carolyn Brown

So, when I received a book recommendation from my 92-year-old grandfather, I was cringing inside.  Not because I think he has bad taste; quite the opposite in fact.  But, I just wasn’t sure I’d find something interesting in something he felt was such a hit.  I recall him telling me the beginning of the book, my inner laughter unstoppable.  I… Read more »

5-fly Book Review – Meet Clara Andrews by Lacey London

  Meet Clara Andrews is the first book in a series that I’m sure will find a place in everyone’s heart. If book one is any indication, and I’m sure it is, this series will have you instantly falling in love with Clara and laughing at her antics on every page. Clara lives in London and works as a designer… Read more »

Book Review – Emerald Child by Karen Hughes

Fun, whimsical, and just a tad nostalgic, Emerald Child is a great fantasy adventure for young readers. Far away on a secret island, Indie as grown up in hiding surrounded with burning questions and no questions. When smoke starts to rise from a mysterious chest, Indie thinks it must hold more questions, but it actually holds all the answers: who… Read more »

5-Fly Book Review – The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher

  The Island Escape is a “feel good romantic comedy”. However, the first thing you’ll read both the cover and description are deceiving. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re like me, the cover will immediately take you to the tropics. Sorry. Wrong part of the world. Likewise, while there are several funny scenes and discussions, there are some… Read more »